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Sun/Solar/Life LLC is your premier solar company in Las Vegas, Nevada, dedicated to equipping homes across the state with cutting-edge solar technology. We offer a seamless, hassle-free experience, providing fast and free quotes within minutes, right at your fingertips. Our expert team guides you through a simple process, evaluating your needs and calculating potential savings instantly. With just a few straightforward questions, going solar is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Experience the benefits firsthand and start saving thousands of dollars annually on your power bill with Sun/Solar/Life LLC.

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Welcome to Sun/Solar/Life, your trusted partner for solar energy solutions in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. With our extensive experience in the solar industry, Sun/Solar/Life is dedicated to providing top-notch solar panel installation and services to homeowners and businesses throughout Las Vegas. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering innovative solar solutions tailored to the unique needs of Las Vegas residents. Whether you’re looking to install residential solar panels or initiate a commercial solar project in Las Vegas, Sun/Solar/Life specializes in maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings for our valued customers. At Sun/Solar/Life, we prioritize customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship, striving to make a positive impact on the planet one solar panel at a time. Join us in harnessing the abundant sunshine of Las Vegas for a brighter, cleaner future. Contact Sun/Solar/Life today to learn more about our comprehensive solar services and take the first step towards energy independence in Las Vegas.

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What Our Clients Say

Devin Badgett
Devin Badgett
The installers were very professional. Real smooth and fast process. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
Cyril Mejorada
Cyril Mejorada
We have been looking for solar and Sun Solar Life explained the benefits of it. Dee explained it well and it convinced us to go solar. Now we’re saving money on our electric.
Charyl Mae Aberion
Charyl Mae Aberion
Sun Solar Life has taken care of their customer for years. When you’re a customer you’re a customer forever. Their employees are also very personable and answers questions about the installs
Hector Caño
Hector Caño
We were skeptical about solar because there’s a lot of sales people out there. Dee explained very well the process and solar made a lot of sense for my household. Sun Solar Life also will take care of your panels warranty for 30 years since I got the extended warranty!
Ma. Aileen Pumar
Ma. Aileen Pumar
Scott walked us through how to go solar the simplest way possible. We are now producing solar power and will be paying only the connection fee to our power company. Best decision to go solar is to go with Sun Solar Life.
Seanne Van Pumar
Seanne Van Pumar
Sun Solar Life knows what they’re doing. They sized my system correctly and now we’re producing solar energy. They have a great tool to calculate your usage. Their reps are well trained and does their best to save the customers money on electric.
Alaska Renewable PowerProject
Alaska Renewable PowerProject
As a supporter of the Alaska Renewable Power Project, going solar with Sun Solar Life not only helps people save on electricity but also helps educate our generation about sustainability and conservation. Thank you for your continued support to clean energy.
AXA Digital Marketing
AXA Digital Marketing
We have been paying $13 on our power bill since going solar with Sun Solar Life. We could have been paying $375 in the summer mostly but now it’s predictable. I highly recommend going solar with Sun Solar Life.
Novareese uniao
Novareese uniao
Scott was very personable and walked us through the whole process from beginning to end. He provided transparency through all their work and how we would ultimately benefit from solar after the process was complete. With the information given, I felt a level of confidence and trust in our investment of solar technology for my family. Scott is very committed to his work. He showed up with the installers to make sure the work was done well and complete. From introduction to completion the installation was done in record timing and 5 star quality. I couldn’t be happier with how fast and smooth everything went. In conclusion I DEFINITELY reccomend SUN SOLAR LIFE LLC for your one stop shop solar Installation.
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We are Building
a Sustainable Future

Solar Energy Pioneers

We stay at the forefront of technology, using the latest innovations to provide you with efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions.

Innovative Solutions

We continuously innovate to provide you with cutting-edge solar solutions. Our commitment to efficiency drives our quest for excellence.

Process for Solar Installs

Solar Installation Steps:


 Comprehensive Guide: From Consultation to Activation – Installing Your Solar System



During this stage, the consultant will ask you a few questions about your home such as shading, square footage, average electric bill, length of stay in the home, future change in energy usage, and a copy of your power bill.


Design & Permitting

Our site surveyor will assess your roof, the area you live in, and surrounding premises. They either do it in person or through a drone. After that, designs will be created, submitted for permitting and once approved, we will schedule an install.



Our licensed contractors will install the solar panels following the designs agreed upon during initial consultation and approved by city and power company.


City Inspection

Before the system is connected, it must pass inspection by the city to ensure it complies with local building codes and safety standards.



After the city inspection, the solar system is connected to the grid, allowing excess energy to be sent back to the utility company.


Final Inspection by the Utility Company

The utility company conducts a final inspection to verify the system's safety and compliance with their requirements.


Permission to Operate (PTO)

Once the utility company approves the system, you'll receive Permission to Operate (PTO). This signifies that your solar system is ready to generate clean, renewable energy.

Power On

A few weeks after installing your rooftop solar, we will be communicating with you once we get Permission to Operate from your power company. At this stage, one of our crew will go to your house and turn your system on.

Why Choose Us

Save the Planet by Using Renewable Energy


Join the Eco-Revolution with Sun/Solar/Life LLC in Las Vegas! Discover the thrill of embracing renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint while creating a brighter, greener future for generations to come. With our cutting-edge solar panel installation and renewable energy solutions tailored to the Las Vegas area, every step you take towards sustainability makes a meaningful impact on the planet’s well-being. Say hello to significant savings on your energy bills and goodbye to harmful emissions. Let’s lead the charge towards a more sustainable tomorrow together. From residential solar panels to commercial solar projects, our expert team guides you through a seamless transition to solar power. Experience the benefits firsthand and join the movement towards clean, renewable energy solutions in Las Vegas with Sun/Solar/Life LLC today!

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